Play MLB The Show 22 First with Xbox Game Pass

MLB The Show 22 releases next week, but if you’re a Game Pass member, you’ll be able to play starting April 1 (four days earlier) with the Early Access bundle.

In addition to early access to the game, the pack includes bonuses such as two Gold Choice packs, 10 The Show packs, a Ballplayer pack, double daily login rewards and 10K stubs. It should be noted that this Early Access bundle is for Game Pass members and does not include the game itself. Those who are not Game Pass subscribers should not purchase this bundle – for such players the MVP or Digital Deluxe Edition is recommended.

Officially released on April 5, MLB The Show 22 is a very interesting game from an industry perspective. The Sony-published game will be coming, for the first time in the franchise (and possibly for Sony), to Xbox consoles and even Nintendo Switch. It will be a day one Xbox Game Pass title.

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