Pixel 6 Pro Face Unlock setup process references

Before the Pixel 6 was announced in October, two marketing leaks suggested the presence of Face Unlock. Such a feature has not yet launched, but we have already reported that Google is still working on support. Meanwhile, a user who recently set up their Pixel 6 Pro spotted another reference to Face Unlock.

It specifically appeared in the “Choose a screen lock” step where you specify a backup screen lock method. The pattern, PIN and password all come with a fingerprint and a “face”.

To be clear, this person wasn’t prompted to set up face unlock during onboarding, nor was they given an option to enable in settings after the fact. This reference was spotted on a stable build, with someone indicating that they didn’t see a similar option when resetting their beta device.

After digging deeper into Android 12, we found that the configuration page in question existed on the Pixel 6 Pro as early as the initial release of SD1A.210817.015.A4 (October 2021). It is not known why it was triggered recently.

Password • Face • Fingerprint

Model • Face • Fingerprint

PIN • Face • Fingerprint

Back in October, before the Pixel 6 was announced, German and UK retailers had marketing materials referencing face unlock. The former was on a printed list, while the latter was on official stock images taken by Google showing the Security Hub. In fact, the Play Store listing screenshots referred to “Face & Fingerprint Unlock”, but Google removed the mention shortly after we covered it.

In December, we reported on the ongoing development of Face Unlock for the Pixel 6 Pro, which looks to take advantage of the front camera over an IR and Soli array on the Pixel 4. The smaller Pixel 6 at $599 doesn’t seem to get the aptitude.

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