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A Philips Hue Play Gradient light strip displaying many colors.

Philips Hue compromises some of the nicest smart lights on the market, including the company’s light strips. But these LED light strips have a downside – they only display one color at a time. Looks like a new product is about to change all of that.

According to Hue Blog, the new light strips will be called Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip Ambiance, and the name should give a hint as to how they work. This is because Philips offers another similar product called Play Gradiant Lightstrip.

The Play Gradiant attaches to the back of your TV at multiple mounting points, then connects to the Philips Hue Bridge and Sync box to analyze the signal of the show or movie you’re watching. It uses this signal to change the gradient band in order to “stretch” your TV image beyond the screen. As such, it can simultaneously display multiple colors on the strip.

The new Gradient Lightstrip Ambiance takes that same color capacity and expands it to other uses in your home. Instead of using mounting blocks, the new strip will come with double-sided tape running the length of the strip. And they have an additional trick that can’t be found on TV lights: the expansion options. With Play Gradient, whatever length you choose (depending on TV sizes) is set in stone. But the new Gradient Lightstrip vibe may come with extension options so you can lengthen them.

But Signify (the parent company of Philips Hue) has yet to announce the product. Everything can change by then.

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