Pellston Schools partners with Northern Michigan University to empower the community

In partnership with Northern Michigan University, Pellston Schools is giving the community another option for high-speed internet.

On Wednesday, university employees began installing LTE broadband service at the top of middle and high schools.

With a radius of at least nine miles, Internet will be available to everyone in the community and at a discounted price for families with students and veterans. Pellston High Middle School

The need for more internet options became more noticeable as they faced closures along with many other schools in the state due to the COVID pandemic.

“The pandemic has taught us that students need to learn remotely,” said Stephen Seelye, Superintendent of Pellston Schools. “In the last two years we have been closed and had to provide internet to our families and we are still forced with quarantines and children who have to stay at home and learn remotely.”

Northern Michigan University has already made their way through the upper peninsula with similar installations and is now targeting northern Lower Michigan to give students the Internet access they need.

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