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For our 100th episode, the Really Useful Podcast team meets to discuss PC building, games, and more.

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Welcome to the 100th edition of the Truly Useful Podcast. To celebrate our centennial show, regular hosts Christian Cawley, Ben Stegner and Gavin Phillips gathered to discuss some thoughts on their favorite computer systems. Laptop or Desktop PC? Bought or self-built?

Along the way, they chat about everything from racing games to the Raspberry Pi, game controllers to shuttle PCs, 3D tech, VR headsets, virtual reality meetings, and more. They also remember their favorite conversations from the last 99 episodes of the really helpful podcast, just to top the occasion off.

Show Notes

Christian Cawley, Gavin Phillips and Ben Stegner host this podcast. You can contact them on Twitter: @thegadgetmonkey, @gavinspavin, and @stegnersaurus, with your suggestions for future topics.

Look for our other shows – subscribe to the really useful podcast on Apple and YouTube podcasts (be sure to tap the bell icon to get notified of new episodes) for more tips.


Finally, thank you very much for being with us for the last 100 episodes!

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