PAL Aerospace + Thales co-develop next-generation mission systems – SatNews

PAL Aerospace and Thales have signed a strategic agreement to co-develop the next generation of mission systems.

As a result of this agreement, the next generation of mission system software will build on the decades of special missions excellence needed to support the future of multi-mission maritime patrol solutions.

The agreement between PAL Aerospace and Thales builds on decades of diverse special mission solutions to co-develop mission-ready capabilities. Targeted abilities include machine learning (ML), computer vision, support for optional/remotely piloted aircraft systems, defense against submarine warfare, and integration of space-based data into a full mission life cycle for dissemination in a common operational picture. The development of these capabilities will be based cooperatively at PAL Aerospace and Thales facilities, supporting industry, economic growth and high-skilled jobs in Canada, the United Arab Emirates.

After many years of successful collaboration with Thales, our team is delighted to enter into this strategic agreement. Together, we are ready to co-develop the next generation of mission system that will innovate the way multi-mission MPAs save lives, defend territorial waters and build maritime domain awareness,” noted Keith Stoodley, CEO of PAL Aerospace LLC. “For more than 35 years, PAL Aerospace has remained at the forefront of innovation for the design, modification, integration and operation of AMPs in an incredibly diverse range of environments, from northern Canada to the desert coasts of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. I am delighted to continue the momentum of these operations in this co-development with Thales.”

Herve HamyVice President, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Activities, Thales said: “Thales is proud to announce this step of enhanced cooperation with its long-standing trusted partner, PAL Aerospace. We will jointly develop the next generation of mission system to deliver a cost-effective product based on our mutual field-proven experience in airborne maritime surveillance and patrol solutions. PAL Aerospace and Thales customers will leverage their respective operational and technical expertise and increase mission efficiency through continuous innovation.”

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