Japan Breaks Internet Speed World Record; Check out the Highest Speed Here

As we gradually move towards a digital society with advancements in modern, internet-based technologies, the need for high internet speeds is becoming more important than ever. While companies like Facebook are trying to bring high-speed internet to all areas with the help of robots, Japan recently broke the world record for the highest internet speed … Read more

Sask. use virtual reality technology to facilitate the recruitment of paramedics

Breadcrumb Links Saskatchewan New immersive technology will allow Saskatchewan to assess internationally trained paramedics from anywhere in the world. Author of the article: Lynn giesbrecht Jacquie Messer-Lepage, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics, holds a virtual headset and hand controls on Friday July 23, 2021 in Regina. TROY FLEECE / Regina Leader-Post Photo … Read more

Freedom Phone: why to avoid it and what else to know

The Freedom Phone is a new “freedom of speech and privacy first” handset unveiled last week that raises red flags with journalists and security experts who say it’s just a renamed Chinese low-budget Android phone. Freedom phone; screenshot by Carrie Mihalcik / CNET Most of us have a “it’s complicated” relationship with our phones when … Read more

DeepMind AI says it will release structure of every known protein to better help researchers

DeepMind, an artificial intelligence (AI) affiliate of Google’s parent company Alphabet, said it had successfully predicted the shape of almost every protein in the human body as well as thousands of other proteins found in an additional 20 organisms on which scientists rely on for their research. , including yeast, fruit flies and mice. This … Read more

Google Photos also has “I feel lucky”

The “I’m lucky” button has been a staple of the Google Search home page for years. You may not be aware, however, that Google is using it elsewhere. The Google Photos app for iPhone and Android has it too. A brief history of feeling lucky “I feel lucky” is one of the original features of … Read more

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