Penumbra Introduces REAL® i-Series ™, Extending the REAL Immersive System to Support a Wide Range of Healthcare Providers and Mental Health Professionals

REAL Immersive System i-Series delivers engaging, immersive, gaze-based experiences and activities for a wide range of healthcare providers and mental health professionals REAL i-Series includes REAL Connect ™, a unique virtual reality communication capability in the market that provides real-time video and audio communication for sharing experiences Penumbra to host Investor Day on September 21, … Read more

Four considerations to make sure your compliance software vendor prioritizes data security

Through Dale Sanders, Director of Technical Operations, StarCompliance COmpliance software is not just about checking a regulatory box. It is an important tool in the pursuit of data security for financial institutions. However, if your compliance software vendor doesn’t prioritize security, your company’s sensitive data — confidential customer information, merger and acquisition data, deal specifications, … Read more

Salesforce Updates Health Cloud, Highlights Electronic Health Records Strategy

Sales team introduces a series of enhancements to its Health Cloud that advance the company’s strategy to surround electronic health records and enable care everywhere. the updates — HIPAA compliance for Salesforce Maps, B2C Commerce, and Salesforce Order Management, medication management, appointment management, and remote patient exception monitoring — appears incremental on the surface. But … Read more

How the elderly in China built their own internet

As those born after 1990 are digital natives, seniors are often regarded by younger generations as “digital refugees” – hapless Luddites who can’t or won’t keep up with advances in digital technology, or worse, are easily picked up by every rumor and scam they see online. In China, technological and behavioral differences have led to … Read more