OSU App Center and ACM announce the winners of the Spring 2022 Hackathon

Thursday 7 April 2022

Media contact: Kim Watkins | Communication Coordinator | 405-744-3546 | kimberly.watkins@okstate.edu

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and OSU App Center recently announced the winners of their first Hackathon event.

The ACM is a student division that was founded in April 1966. ACM offers students perks such as a guest speaker in computer science, developing professional computer contacts, visiting local facilities, participating in programming competitions, career development and social, fundraising, volunteer opportunities and recently hackathon competitions.

The OSU App Center is an on-campus resource for OSU students and educators for mobile app development.

ACM and OSU App Center hosted the first mobile and web app hackathon event on March 25-27. The hackathon invited software developers to develop a web or mobile application that solves a real-world problem. Prize money at this year’s hackathon totaled over $2,000.

The theme for the spring 2022 hackathon was Enhancing the Quality of Life of Stillwater Residents. The participants were judged on originality, such as the uniqueness of the app idea and whether it fulfills a real need, how well the project is presented and the technical quality of the app, including user interface, good engineering, development practices, execution and impact – compliance of the given theme and its potential impact on the audience.

A jury deliberated on submissions via the web and mobile apps. The hackathon is known for preparing students for the time pressure of application development. The competition begins on Friday in a classroom on campus, and students often don’t leave until the judging, which takes place on Sunday afternoon.

“Hackathons like these are the kind of event that fuels the inspiration, innovation, creativity and productivity of the students,” said judge Sachin Jain, an OSU assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science.

The jury consisted of OSU professors, OSU Chief Information Officer Raj Murthy and a local owner of a web development company. The feedback between students and professionals is an important advantage before you graduate and move into the professional world of app development.

Hackathons offer students a glimpse into the focus it takes to complete an app from start to finish.

“Hackathons give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in their classrooms into a real-life application,” said OSU student Brennan Schlittler,

This year’s first prize went to Chrisantus Eze for his Lake McMurtry app. Team Kicker took first place, both with a Lake McMurtry route and details app. Third place went to the Orange Park application, where the team conceived and implemented an Airbnb app for parking on match days.

If you would like to donate to the hackathon awards or help with the hackathon, please contact Jai Hari Rajendran, technology and business development manager at the OSU App Center at jair@okstate.edu.


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