Optical illusion of a cat at the dining table stuns the internet

Photos can lie. Sometimes the lighting and composition confuse the viewer and change the subject in such a way that it doesn’t reflect what’s really going on.

This is known as optical illusion – something that fools the eyes into seeing something other than what is actually captured.

And a recent photo of a cat that looks like it’s embroidered on a chair is just that.

In the snap, posted to Reddit by user Spacexcake, we see a tray of pizza on a table, and behind it a chair with a cream-colored back.

A tabby cat sits on the chair, perfectly framed in the fabric and with no shadows behind him, so he seems completely two-dimensional; though stitched for decoration.

The photo is made all the more amusing by the intense sparkle of the pet.

Caption about the photo, which was shared on Sept. 6, reads: “Why does Rodney look embroidered on the chair?”

The mind-boggling snap has gone viral on the discussion-based site, garnering over 17,100 upvotes.

More than 180 people also took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the humorous post.

One Reddit user, New-Reaction5944, shares their theory as to why the image looks so flat, writing, “Multiple angles with very diffused light, maybe some kind of chandelier could do the trick.”

A Redditer took a photo of their cat that made it look like it was a two-dimensional embroidery.

Another person, Thunderbug, typed, “And he’s centered and in a pose that looks like he’s going to be embroidered.”

MrHappy added: “A man with a cat pillow wants the internet to think he has a cat when all he eats is pizza.”

OnceIwasAboy joked, “If a piece is missing, don’t blame Rodney, he was probably framed.”

Unchosen_Heroes stated, “Rodney: Please feed me that whole pizza. I need it to get back the third dimension that I lost from my starvation diet of not being fed when I ask for food.”

Dane-ish1 revealed: “My partner’s response: ‘Oh my gosh, we need to get cat-embroidered chairs! I don’t even know who Rodney is, but I’d love to have him embroidered on my chairs!”

CumingLinguist noted, “That’s basically a 2d decoy Rodney printed out to distract you. He sneaks up on the pizza from behind.”

DoJax wrote, “It focused so hard not to be seen by the foot that it was hunting mixed in the background.”

BunnyQatar admitted, “I smile to myself as I imagine the adventures of a 2D cat named Rodney.”

Cat looks shocked
A stock image of a cat looking shocked. Not all is as it seems with a recent photo of a cat recently posted to Reddit.
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