Optical illusion has stunned the internet – even after woman explains the trick

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she posted a video of a 3D texture she made of an art gallery that looked like it was moving when she changed the camera’s position

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TikToker’s Optical Illusion Makes Everyone’s Brain Hurt

A woman who shared an optical illusion has left people baffled — even as she revealed her trick.

Adeline regularly posts “surprising, unusual and weird art” on her Tiktok account @mysweetadeline, but one of her most recent videos has caused a lot of confusion.

In the clip, Adeline shows what appears to be an art gallery drawing – but when she moves the camera, the room seems to move.

The center of the drawing, which shows a painting on the other wall, seems to sink into the table and as Adeline moves from left to right, you can see more of the work on the other walls.

She said this phenomenon is called “reverse perspective.”

It looks like a drawing at first



It seems like the room is moving



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She explained: “I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by optical illusions. Today I played with something called inverted perspective and created a small art gallery.”

At the end of the clip, Adeline reveals that the “drawing” is actually a 3D structure.

The viral video now has over 4.7 million views.

Since the video was posted, the video has garnered more than 940,000 likes and 4,300 comments from people who can’t keep up.

Adeline revealed how she made the room in another tutorial



One person said, “When I look to the sides I see it normally, but in the middle it’s an illusion.”

Another wrote: “My brain hurts because I can see both at once.”

A third commented, “When you completely changed the angle, I almost threw up.”

Someone else begged her to share the secret behind the illusion, as they wrote, “It’s like magic. I want to make one, please do a tutorial.”

But even after Adeline revealed the illusion, commentators were still confused.

“My brain switches from seeing the illusion to breaking it every two seconds, it makes me a little dizzy,” wrote one.

“I keep seeing and not seeing,” added another.

She later posted a tutorial on how to make the room. Check it out here.

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