Open-access edge data centre platform launched in South Africa

Open Access Data Centres (OADC) announced that it has deployed Africa’s first large-scale, open-access edge data centre environment in South Africa.

The company says the deployment will support 5G rollouts and extensions.

It would also support the expansion of Internet service provider (ISP) and fibre operator infrastructure into new locations.

OADC also promises latency improvements for serving content locally and offers an enhanced end-user experience fundamental to the successful rollout of new, time-critical applications.

OADC chief technical officer Bob Wright explained that Africa needed data centres beyond its largest metropolitan areas.

“A presence in a single data centre is no longer sufficient to address a country or region,” Wright said.

“5G operators, ISPs and fibre operators are seeking cost-efficient ways to extend network reach into new markets, requiring network equipment to be securely housed in remote locations.”

Open Access Data Centres Edge Centres in South Africa

“At the same time, the growing desire to make content available and process ever-greater volumes of data closer to the customer is increasingly demanding implementation of a core-to-edge architecture, with meshed local and regional data centres fully connected into Africa’s network infrastructure across multiple countries and cities,” Wright added.

To build out its core-to-edge open access edge capabilities, OADC is establishing regional data centres covering major cities — initially across South Africa.

The first 17 are already live in South Africa, offering colocation, rooftop access and high-speed network interconnectivity between facilities at up to 100Gbps and on multiple routes.

Nigeria will be the next major target for rollout later this year.

“Rollout is continuing into key connectivity hubs, with new 2-3MW Tier-III regional OADC facilities coming online during Q3 2022 and more than 100 OADC Edge data centres expected to be live by the end of 2022,” the company said.

Open Access Data Centres — Artist’s impression of Durban facility

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