OnPodcast Episode 67 Teaser

Hello OnPodcast fans! It’s the OnPodcast crew here, and we’re back to remind you to tune in this Sunday, April 3 for a new episode. We’ll talk about the April 5 Windows event, and more.

Unlike last week, this has been a busy week of Microsoft news. In addition to our expectations for the Windows event on April 5, we have other topics to discuss. We’ll be offering our feedback on things like Build 2022 confirmed and Microsoft’s Clipchamp video editor getting some improvements.

Of course, three major segments aren’t enough for all Microsoft news, so we have Fast Recap. In Fast Recap, we’ll cover other topics like changes to default browser settings in Windows 11, ray tracing in Minecraft, renaming Your Phone app, Xbox Game Pass Family plans, and more. . Then, to wrap up, in Week Ahead, we’ll be talking about some plays we have planned at OnMSFT next week, and other topics like how you can watch Halo TV Show for free, and where you can go see all the dead Microsoft products.

As a reminder, OnPodcast airs on YouTube every Sunday at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT. Bookmark our playlist so you can follow all our episodes and see the latest episode when it’s live.

Also check us out on Spotify, SoundCloud and our other platforms via the links above our post. Thank you as always for watching and listening to us. You are the reason we are doing this podcast, and we appreciate each and every one of you! We hope to see you on Sunday!

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