Old video of Prince Charles talking about marriage is making the internet difficult

The internet has masqueraded as a time machine several times since its inception. This feature of the web is why the phrase ‘Internet never forgets’ was born. Out of the old and dusty collection of history, an old video has surfaced featuring Prince Charles, who is believed to be in his twenties at the time the video was shot.

In the video, Charles, Prince of Wales, gives an interview, in which a question about marriage pops up. Since the video is estimated to have been shot in the 1970s, Prince Charles was a royal bachelor. The interviewer asks, “Do you have any thoughts on the lady a Prince of Wales should marry?”

Prince Charles chuckled at first, then came up with an answer. He started by accepting the fact that the question about his future wife was quite “a little difficult”. to be queen, and you have to choose someone very carefully.” Charles suggested in his answers that he should choose a partner who would be “accustomed” to the royal lifestyle and its intricacies. Watch the video here:

Since it was shared, the video has racked up over 8 lakh views and garnered around 22,000 likes. Netizens threw a mixed bag of comments on the video. While some started talking about the dynamics of Prince Charles’ marriage to his first wife, Princess Diana, some cringed at the video.

One user wrote: “The tongue at the beginning.” Another said: “I can’t explain how this bothers me in so many different ways.” Many admitted that they will never be able to ignore that.

Well, taking into account the creepy tune played in the beginning, coupled with the tongue, the video naturally goes on as cringe-inducing content. What do you think

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