Ola S1 Pro automatically switches to reverse mode, user complains

An Ola S1 Pro model automatically activated its inverted mode when pulled out in the middle of a road, a user complained on Twitter. The new incident emerged just days after a video suggesting the electric scooter was affected by a throttle issue in reverse mode for some users surfaced online. It showed that an Ola S1 Pro suddenly went into reverse mode and picked up abnormally fast speed while lying on its side. The e-scooter is also being investigated for catching fire in an incident in Pune that was recorded live in a video that surfaced online late last month.

In the latest incident, a Twitter user from Bengaluru who goes by the name @Themangofellow reported that his week-old Ola S1 Pro activated reverse mode when he pulled it out on a road because of a car parked in the middle. The user said that when accelerating, the scooter automatically goes in reverse.

Due to the sudden change of mode and the accelerated speed when returning, the scooter could not maintain its balance. The user said he received a few scratches on his body as well as on the scooter itself as a result of the unexpected move. He, however, stated that he managed to escape without any serious injuries.

The person attempted to contact Ola Electric roadside assistance following the incident to send his scooter in for repair. However, he did not receive such assistance despite waiting 48 hours. The user then called the service back, but the scooter was taken two days after he called, details available on the Twitter feed show.

After a week the scooter was returned, although the user said it was not repaired. The company later claimed they fixed the issue, but the user said he didn’t have the confidence to drive it again due to the incident.

he later post an update on Twitter that a regional service manager from Ola called him to acknowledge the problem and confirm his fix.

It is currently unclear if the issue was limited to a particular Ola S1 Pro unit.

Gadgets 360 has contacted Ola Electric for comment on the matter. This report will be updated when the company responds.

The Ola S1 Pro’s reverse mode – similar to other electric scooters – is marketed to help users easily park the vehicle in a tight space or pull it when stuck in a pothole . However, it appears that the mode on the Ola scooter does not work well for some users as it has already been seen reaching a speed that seemed much faster than you would expect to reverse with a two- wheels. The company has yet to comment on the matter.

Electric scooter manufacturers have set a speed limit to avoid accidents. For example, Ather Energy has set a speed of three kilometers per hour for reverse mode and five kilometers per hour when using reverse mode with parking assistance.

However, it is unclear whether Ola Electric has implemented such a limit in the case of the S1 Pro scooter.


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