Nunez Partners with EON Reality to Offer VR Courses

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CHALMETTE, La. — EON Reality, a specialist in virtual and augmented reality and knowledge metaverse industry and education solutions, has announced a partnership with Nunez Community College.

EON-XR solutions are designed to help Nunez instructors “increase the speed of workforce training, reduce infrastructure costs and decrease the probability of high-consequence events in dangerous industries through simulation-based training,” said a spokesperson.

EON Reality’s solutions and the lifelike models and environments will allow Nunez and industry partners to offer customizable hands-on training to students or employees without the logistical restrictions of working with materials that could be unsafe to them or the environment. 

“As we look back over 30 years of Nunez history during our college’s anniversary this year, it’s fitting to remember that our mission is squarely rooted in training students for the jobs of today and tomorrow,” said Nunez Chancellor Dr. Tina Tinney. “Technology like EON Reality’s VR and AR are the newest tools available to educators and students. Innovation is one of our core values at Nunez, so stepping into the virtual world is both necessary and proper as we live up to those values.” 

“Like EON Reality, Nunez Community College believes an environment that promotes open knowledge sharing is critical to the success of an organization and the world. We’re elated to help Nunez and its industry partners achieve the college’s aim of reducing inequalities and unemployment in Southeast Louisiana via access to high-quality and relevant skills development and training opportunities,” said Dan Lejerskar, CEO of EON Reality.

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