Now, a printer that dishes out paper dosas; the internet reacts

Now, a printer that dishes out paper dosas; the internet reacts

Craving a dosa, but too tired to make one? It’s tech to the rescue. All you need is dosa batter and Chennai-based company Evochef’s ‘world’s first smart dosa maker’.

The device titled EC Flip delivers paper-thin, crispy dosas at the click of a button. 

As per the brand’s website one can make “10-12 thin dosas or 6-8 thick dosas”. One can also add extras such as cheese, butter, or ghee.

The website also describes the device as “compact, lightweight, and stylish”. In addition, the EC Flip removes the time of setting up the stove and cleaning up after the cooking process. The device is priced at Rs 15,999. 

The promotional video of the device went viral on social media with netizens expressing mixed views over the invention. 

While some were impressed, others questioned its usefulness. One Twitter user said: “What they have automated here is the simplest and the most fun step in the dosa-making process.”

Still, others termed it a “waste of money”. 

Another Twitter user said, “Laziness has found a new product”.

Still another Twitter user pointed out that the hard part isn’t making a dosa but making the chutney. “How do we print that?”

Yet another user took to social media to poke fun at the device stating, “If the cartridge is low, can you just print Black & White Dosas?”


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