Not Karen – These Are The Biggest Complainers On The Internet

Any time someone demands to speak to a manager or drops a fiery complaint when writing a review, they might get labeled as a “Karen.” But the popular meme might have given people named Karen a bad reputation.

That’s because other people tend to complain more, according to a new analysis of nearly 80,000 bad reviews of “some of the most popular brands, dining venues, tourist attractions, and supermarkets. …Over the last few years ‘being a Karen’ has turned into an online meme, with people posting videos on social media of people lashing out at others for no good reason. But when it comes to leaving negative reviews on the Internet, which names top the list?”

It turns out, Karens aren’t the biggest complainers out there (though they do make the list). The report notes that the names that rank highest on the lists tend to be “more old-fashioned names such as Julie, Susan, and Karen,” as opposed to “more millennial names such as Daisy.”

Here are the Top 10 names most likely to leave a negative review:

  1. David
  2. Paul
  3. John
  4. mark
  5. Chris
  6. james
  7. Michael
  8. andrew
  9. To fart
  10. Sarah

“Karen” is the second-highest female name on the list, behind Sarah; however, the report shows that men are 131% more likely to leave negative reviews than women, the analysis shows. See the full report here.


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