Nissan Unveils Site for Developing Potentially Groundbreaking EV Batteries


Nissan ASSB Creation Process at Oppama Research Center


Nissan Friday unveiled a prototype production facility for laminated all-solid-state battery cells — a potentially groundbreaking technology the Japanese automaker hopes to bring to market by 2028.

The new facility is located at the Nissan Research Center in Kanagawa Prefecture. Nissan will use the facility to study the materials, design and manufacturing processes it will use to produce prototype all-solid-state batteries. Next, the company plans to set up a pilot production line at its Yokohama plant in fiscal year 2024.

All-solid-state batteries could make electric vehicles significantly cheaper. Nissan believes it can reach $75 per kWh in fiscal 2028 with fully solid-state batteries and $65 per kWh thereafter. That would bring EVs to the same cost level as petrol vehicles.

Given all the benefits, Nissan expects to use fully solid-state batteries in a wide range of EV segments, including pickup trucks. They offer an energy density about twice that of conventional lithium-ion batteries, a significantly shorter charging time and they can be made from cheaper materials.

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