Nintendo releases Animal Crossing update a day earlier

Grab your Nintendo Switches and start downloading the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” update because it’s going to be late at night. Nintendo just dropped the update to version 2.0 – a day earlier.

Nintendo last month announced the biggest update yet for its biggest Switch game of 2020, which was set to arrive on November 5. As of yet, the “Happy Home Paradise” DLC has yet to be added to the game, but there is still a lot to do with the free patch.

New features include Roost Coffee, DIY farming and culinary recipes (no side, “Stardew Valley”), boat rides to rare islands with Kapp’n, gyroid hunting, makeovers and shopping with Harriet on Harv Island, and more. The update also includes quality of life improvements, including additional home storage and storage sheds that you can place around your island, so you don’t have to run home every time you go. want to drop objects. There is also now more capacity for ramps and bridges on your island, new camera modes (perfect for anyone who is too familiar with “New Pokémon Snap”), and even a stretching exercise controlled by the movement you can make with your villagers.

After downloading the update, Isabelle will explain the ordinances and boat trips with Kapp’n in her daily update. With the ability to enact Island Ordinances, players can change the time of day when villagers are most active. This can be useful for players whose actual schedules only allow them to play at certain times, as the villagers act differently throughout the day.

Unfortunately, Boat Rides with Kapp’n can only be purchased once per day with Nook Miles, so you can’t travel the islands endlessly like you can when you leave the airport. But maybe this is Nintendo’s way of encouraging us to play the game in moderation, rather than speeding up to 400 hours and running out in a few months, never touching the game again until the next one. update.

While version 2.0 of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” will be the game’s last major free update, the “Happy Home Paradise” DLC is expected to be released on Friday as scheduled.

The DLC is priced at $ 24.99, but it’s also included in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, a new online subscription that was announced in September and released last week. The Online + expansion also includes access to a selection of Nintendo 64 and SEGA games.


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