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This week’s News of Notes includes a controversial use of facial recognition technology, stories highlighting AI’s role in both energy production and consumption, the continued use of ransomware and bots for criminal purposes, and more.

  • Is neuromorphic computing the answer to AI’s energy savage? †Allison WhittenQuanta Magazine
  • UK tax department seizes three NFTs in fraud case. †Jon PorterThe Verge
  • BlackByte ransomware gang targets critical US infrastructure. †Mariella MoonEngadget)
  • DeepMind’s AI is working with scientists to advance understanding of nuclear fusion. †Will Douglas HeavenMIT Technology Review
  • Complaint alleges cruel treatment of monkeys used in testing Neuralink’s brain chip technology. †Jane WakefieldBBC News)
  • Teledyne FLIR wins contract to develop augmented reality defense system. †Mikayla EasleyNational Defense
  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams embraces NYPD’s use of facial recognition technology. †Sally Goldenberg and Joe AnutaPolitico
  • Rock climber Alex Honnold’s new virtual reality feature offers audiences a thrilling perspective. †Matthew CareyDeadline
  • Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway invests $1 billion in digital banking. (Tristan Bove, fortune
  • Criminals deploy bots to defraud crypto investors. †Scott Zamost and Eamon JaversCNBC)

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