New internet service in Central PA

DANVILLE, Dad., July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — High-speed broadband for individuals and businesses has already arrived for many Colombia, Montour, Northumberland, snyder and Union County users, thanks to the new service from ConxxNE and SkyPacket Networks. SkyPacket is a multi-state fixed wireless access (FWA) provider that has expanded its service area in Central PA after two years in the Danville PA Surface.

“It will not completely address service gaps, but this new service will significantly increase broadband availability for residents and businesses,” said SkyPacket’s Danny cracks. “And the technology we have deployed is carrier-grade fixed wireless access using 4G LTE, expandable and upgradeable to 5G as the market demands. We are now deploying this carrier-grade service to support local residents, institutions and businesses in to be more efficient and competitive.”

An additional feature of the SkyPacket service is the ability for users to become eligible for the income-based federal Emergency Broadband Benefit Program – which will pay $50/month for service charges. Consumers can visit for more information and a link to the federal program. “There are some simple eligibility tests, including where a student participates in the school’s free lunch program,” explains Risse. “The SkyPacket team can help users register for the benefit.”

ConxxNE has deployed the latest microwave and last mile technology from Swedish telecom company Ericsson. Their carrier-grade equipment is deployed worldwide by the major mobile phone and communications companies. “We are using the new CBRS platform recently approved by the FCC,” Risse added. “This gives us access to spectrum that we will protect through SkyPacket’s FCC licenses and we can operate with more power than is available with older Wi-Fi technologies.

CBRS is short for Citizens Broadband Radio System which operated in a better spectrum and higher transmitting power than older wireless systems.

SkyPacket Networks is a multi-state fixed wireless Internet service provider and has pre-enrolled customers during final testing and fine-tuning. Interested parties can inquire about Internet service at or call 1-800-214-9060 or email: [email protected].

CONXXNE INC is a PA-based company that designs, builds and maintains county-sized wireless networks that meet the requirements of public safety and government operations, while also bringing broadband to the underprivileged parts of a community. Company details are on

Contact: Daniel J. Risse
[email protected]


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