New electronic device on Buddy Ellis Road has residents perplexed

PARISH OF LIVINGSTON – A new electronic device attached to a utility pole on Buddy Ellis Road, near Juban Road, is raising eyebrows.

“It’s that red thing staring at you, just lit in the morning,” resident Amanda Miller said.

She says it was scary when she first saw him last week.

“It was lit up red every time I took the kids on the school bus, and I had no idea what it was. My son says it’s a camera.”

A social media post about the device has generated a lot of activity – with some saying it’s a license plate reader, another saying it’s used to monitor traffic excesses speed.

Fred Pinell, who lives on Buddy Ellis Road, said he saw workers installing the device last week but did not know who they were with.

“They were there for about a day. I didn’t even look at what it was.”

When asked, the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office did not specify what the device was, but a senior parish official said the sheriff’s office has a license plate reader. registration, but he did not know where he was.

Residents say a traffic device is needed in the area as Buddy Ellis Road is dangerous with lots of speeders and deadly wrecks.

“We had two accidents in my front yard. Thank goodness they were early morning,” Pinell said.

“We had two people who were killed. One was two years ago, and the other was here recently,” Miller said. “A boy who was working right there at the Dairy Queen got hit, and the car kept driving, and they found him in the ditch the next day.”

Even though residents don’t know what the device is, they hope it will at least slow down traffic in the area.

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