New April 5 Windows Event Recap

Hello OnPodcast fans! Arif and Kareem here with the usual reminder to tune in for a new episode this Sunday! We’ll talk about some of the Windows 11 features recently announced at Microsoft’s April 5 Windows event, and more.

It’s been a busy week for Microsoft news, so expect us to carry on for a while this week! We’ll start by talking about the new Windows 11 File Explorer and some new Windows 11 features. Then we’ll move on to talking about Journal becoming an official Microsoft app. The main segment will then end with us talking about Microsoft PowerToys possibly getting a feature of macOS.

Since we can’t spend 10 minutes on each of these topics, we’ll also go over some of the week’s other news in our quick recap. This includes the April 2022 update for Xbox consoles, Surface Laptop Studio getting Voice Clarity feature, Start 11 version 1.2, and Microsoft Edge version 100 rollout.

Finally, there will be our Fast Recap. We’ll talk about topics like Microsoft Inspire, Apple’s WWDC, and some of the ways Microsoft celebrates Earth Day.

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