Near Future Report Review (Jeff Brown SCG Spatial Computing Glasses)

Jeff Brown swears by SCG, and so do Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook, what does this mean for investors?

Recently, our editors attended a presentation from investor Jeff Brown, where the expert begins by suggesting that the iPhone 13, which costs about $1,000, will soon become worthless. Why is this the case? He reasoned that “it’s all because of a revolutionary new device I have in this black box” called SCG. Not only does he believe this device will replace iPhones, but it is soon reckoned it will replace ALL smartphones, disrupting the $6.3 billion mark. market.

With technology titans around the world supporting the endeavor and investing tons of money into it, one has to wonder where such support comes from. One thing is certain, the technology sector is expected to grow from $26 billion to a whopping $1.5 trillion thanks to this device. As Jeff claimed, this immediately implies that this technology will be “greater than AI, bigger than blockchain, bigger than self-driving cars, bigger than virtual reality and bigger than 5G.” For those of you who just can’t handle the strain, SCG stands for ‘Spatial Computing Glasses’.

According to the claims, Facebook has just released these goggles, which allow consumers to use the Facebook app by using voice commands to take pictures, record videos and post them to their respective account. Even Google has released prototypes for Google Glass, so this is really becoming more of a reality than ever before! And to think that this is just one of many uses is mind boggling. Some examples include even (but aren’t limited to) getting directions on a hike, watching shows on Netflix on a virtual TV, and accessing soccer stats on your lenses.

All things considered, Jeff Brown would have discovered a stock (his number 1 stock to be exact) supporting an uptrend in this technology. But to access this and many other crucial investment-related information, individuals must first join The report of the near future.

What is the Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report is an investment advice newsletter that uncovers trends that are about to be massively adopted. Led by editor Jeff Brown, this service focuses on large-cap growth stocks linked to shifts in the likes of 5G, AI, and cloud computing. We believe this is an opportunity for anyone to learn from an expert who has spent much of their career studying and making executive decisions related to technology.

What are the reasons to subscribe to The Near Future Report?

By subscribing to The Near Future Report, individuals gain access to a range of special reports. Below is an overview of the knowledge each has to offer:

Special Report #1: The #1 Stock for the $1.5 Trillion Spatial Computing Revolution

In the first special report, individuals are introduced to a company that is disrupting the SCG market. In fact, Apple is directly involved with this company (that is, the latter is a major supplier!), and will launch its SCG device in 2022. An announcement about this endeavor is imminent, and Jeff believes investing in it before the press release has the highest profit-generating potential. Details about the name and ticker symbol, along with Jeff’s reasoning, will be discovered through this report.

Special Report #2: How to Invest in Tesla’s Secret Supplier

Tesla is currently trading around $1,000, but this was not the case some three years ago. Is it worth investing in it now? Probably not because the growth potential is probably not as great as it was three years ago. However, Jeff believes he has the second best alternative, and that starts with investing in Tesla’s supplier of camera-related image sensors. This company is currently trading at a price that is 96% cheaper, and Jeff admits there is a lot of upside potential if members invest today. More about the company and the associated ticker symbol can be found here.

Special Report #3: My #1 IPO in Spatial Computing

Jeff wants to share details about a “private company that is a pioneer in this field,” adding that they have not yet been made public. Fortunately, his connections provided him with the news of their impending IPO, which is big not only for the company and its respective industry, but also for investors who are on board the profit train!

Special Report #4: Your 101 Guide to Getting Rich in the NFT Gold Rush

The latest special report concerns non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as it appears to have taken over much of 2021. If you missed this train, Jeff insists that this guide will cover everything from the basics to the details. advantages.


In addition to the above special reports, members of Brownstone Research Near Future Report are entitled to:

12 months of The Near Future Report, where Jeff will delve into brand new issues related to AI, Blockchain, 5G, robotics, self-driving cars and other technology trends of our time

The model portfolio of the Near Future Report, where members can track current open positions

Weekly updates and urgent alerts as it should

24/7 access to a website for members regarding past and current reports and recommendations

How much does a membership of The Near Future Report cost?

Normally, a membership to The Near Future Report would cost $199, but for a limited time, Jeff and his team decided to lower prices to $49 for the first year. Each year after that costs $129, should one choose to continue through. to go. Finally, every purchase is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If The Near Future Report does not perform as expected, Customer Service may be contacted for a full refund. For more information on the details of this refund policy, please have the following information available:

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 1 (888) 493 3156

Meet Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research

Jeff Brown is the founder and principal investment analyst at Brownstone Research. Prior to founding this research service, the expert spent 25 years as a high-tech executive at companies such as Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors and Juniper Networks. How can one neglect his active role as an early stage technology angel investor, leaving him boasting as a tech specialist to a great extent? Whether individuals are curious about semiconductors, video technology, automotive or even IT, Jeff is the person to learn from because he has literally done it all.

Below is a summary of some of his well-known achievements to date:

  • He built and led business divisions, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year
  • He spent two decades living and working in international markets, spending most of his time studying the various facets of Tokyo, Japan
  • Completed his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering
  • Completed his master’s degree in management from London Business School
  • Is an alumnus of Yale University’s School of Management
  • Completed certificates from MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley’s School of Law and the National University of Singapore
  • Remains an active board member and advisor to various companies

Final verdict

Ultimately, Jeff believes there’s another shift in technology advancements that investors should be aware of, and it’s all about spatial computing glasses. Searching for answers, the expert turned to Apple’s main supplier, a supplier that has much more upside potential than investing directly in Apple. As if this weren’t enough, Jeff also offers his input on several areas of technology worth investing in, again giving investors a great opportunity to diversify their respective portfolios. Our editors are generally satisfied with The Near Future Report and what it has to offer. Above all, the main selling point for us is that someone from such a rich background is running the service. How can we forget the discounted prices? To learn more about SCG and Jeff Brown’s case for mass adoption, visit here>>>.

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