Mojo Vision updates AR contact lens to bring ‘invisible’

Mojo Vision has released details of its most advanced prototype to date, of its AR contact lens project called Mojo Vision.

The new AR contact lens prototype, which was first launched two years ago, includes new updates in display, communication, power and eye-tracking, giving it new “invisible computing” experiences the company calls .

Mike Wiemer, chief technology officer and co-founder of Mojo Vision, said, “The new Mojo Lens prototype accelerates the development of invisible computing, our next-generation computing experience where information is available and presented only when needed.”

“This eye-up experience allows users to quickly and discreetly access current information without forcing them to look at a screen or lose focus on the people and the world around them. We are trying to change our relationship with devices and break down these barriers to fundamental personal connections.”

“Mojo Lens allows you to be more yourself wherever your day takes you – we want the technology and user experience to be something that doesn’t distract you from who you are.”

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