Minecraft Cyber ​​Attack Tournament Paralyzes a Small Country’s Internet

More than a decade after its original release, Minecraft remains huge — so massive that it apparently has the power to shut down an entire country’s internet.

Last weekend, a major Minecraft tournament suffered a cyberattack large enough to disrupt the internet in Andorra, a small country in Europe bordering France and Spain. The population is only about 77,000, about the capacity of an NFL football stadium.

NetBlocks, an internet outage tracker, says the disruption was caused by a cyberattack targeting the Minecraft competition, which directly led to Team Andorra’s elimination. The competition featured 150 entrants who took part in Squid Game events, including well-known streamers.

As you can see from the peak, the connection dropped briefly from 100% to below 50% at the time of the outage. A DDoS attack, or distributed denial-of-service attack, is an attempt to overwhelm an Internet service with an overflow of traffic, causing massive network problems and disconnections.

Although the attackers are unknown, Andorra Telecom tweeted that the attackers were trying to harm YouTubers, so apparently this was a targeted attack to take Team Andorra out of the Minecraft Squid Game sweepstakes. Like the show itself, it seems that competitors and viewers have used every means necessary to take people out of the game.

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