Millions in Crypto Donations: Ukraine Confirms Crypto ‘Airdrop’

crypto airdrop

Ukraine promises crypto airdrop after receiving massive amounts of crypto donations

The Ukrainian government launched shattered two cryptocurrency wallet addresses in its official Twitter account to accept donations in major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. Even though it is quite challenging to track who handles these crypto wallets, it is being predicted that they do not technically belong to anyone as crypto wallet users can transfer the ownership of a wallet anytime they want. Reportedly, the Ukrainian government has received over US$37 million in crypto donations. So, the government confirms that it will conduct an airdrop to donors that have contributed money to its official crypto wallet addresses.

Airdrops involve crypto projects sending free tokens to masses of investors and crypto communities in a bid to encourage crypto adoption. Countries like El Salvador have previously donated Bitcoin airdrops to their citizens. Ukraine has been accepting donations in major cryptocurrencies but is not appealing to its public for help following Russia’s invasion.

Ukraine also Asks for Polkadot Donations

After the crypto community donated millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum to Ukraine to help fund its war efforts, the government has also recently pleaded for donations in Polkadot.

After its massive collection of donations in Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Ukrainian government declared it is now accepting donations in Polkadot too. After this tweet, the cryptocurrency community has rallied to support Ukraine after Vladimir Putin ordered a Russian military strike last week.

Besides this, several NFT initiatives have been taken up by artists who pledged to donate the profits from their sales to Ukrainian relief efforts. One of the largest relief campaigns currently operating in Ukraine saw a host of leading figures from the crypto space come together to organize the NFT collection with funds going to Ukraine. Its been reported that the Polkadot address accepting donations has now surpassed over US$5.8 million.

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