Microsoft Turning to Pay Raises to Combat Employee Dissatisfaction

On the heels of a report that employees are becoming less satisfied with their pay, Microsoft is looking to raise pay across the entire company.

According to Business Insider, Microsoft conducted an internal poll earlier this year, in which just 66% of employees responded favorably about their compensation. This was down from 73% last year. In response, the company is looking to raise pay across the board.

The move would also help Microsoft keep existing talent from moving to its competitors, especially Amazon. Amazon and Microsoft are the first and second-place cloud providers, and they have both scored talent-poaching victories over the other, and both are eager to head off such losses.

The pressure is on Microsoft even more since Amazon increased its maximum base salary to $350,000 in February, and has been giving massive stock rewards to employees.

Insider’s sources say the company could make an announcement as early as Monday.

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