Microsoft shakes up its Android efforts

According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft has reorganized some internal teams and departments in an effort to better focus on Android alongside Windows. The reorganization involves the creation of an Android organization within Microsoft known as Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences (AMPX).

News of the reorganization first hit Microsoft employees this week, via an internal memo sent by Panos Panay. There are no layoffs expected with the reorganization, but rather some job changes so that Microsoft’s various Android programs can fall under one organization. With it, teams running Surface Duo OS, SwiftKey, Phone Link, Microsoft Launcher all come under the new Microsoft Android platform and experiences. This means that Shilpa Ranganathan now has a lead role in the Windows PM organization. Ali Akgun would also lead the new Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences group.

As for what this means for consumers, Windows Central sources say Microsoft has “big ideas in mind for Android and Windows over the next few years.” This means Android and Windows are more like what you get with iOS and macOS.
“Microsoft wants to position Android smartphones as an extension of Windows PCs, with the goal of creating interoperable experiences,” Bowden said.

Microsoft has already announced that it is renaming Your Phone to Phone Link, to bring Android and Windows closer together. This revamp could take it beyond that, and with what we’ve already seen with the Windows Subsystem for Android, things can only get more exciting in the future.

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