Microsoft news recap: Cyberattacks targeting Ukraine disrupted, Inspire 2022 conference date changed, and more

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Microsoft halts cyberattacks targeting Ukraine from Russian-GRU connected group Strontium

In an update, Microsoft shared that it was able to disrupt cyberattacks against Ukraine from a Russian-GRU-connected group called Strontium. Following a court order issued on April 6, Microsoft redirected domains used by Strontium to a sinkhole, helping to disrupt the attacks. The group is reported to have targeted Ukrainian media, as well as think tanks in the United States and the European Union.

Microsoft Security Center

Microsoft shifts the dates of its Inspire 2022 conference by a week, now July 19-20

The next Inspire conference, Inspire 2022, has had its scheduled dates changed. The conference is now scheduled for July 19-20. The event will however remain digital.

Microsoft shifts its Inspire 2022 conference dates by a week, now July 19-20 - - April 6, 2022

Microsoft’s digital transformation group leader leaves the company

Now for some internal Microsoft news. The head of Microsoft’s digital transformation group, James Phillips, who has been in the role since the group’s inception and has 10 years of seniority under his belt, is leaving the company.

Head of Microsoft's digital transformation group leaves the company - - April 4, 2022

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