Microsoft may be working on a smaller, more efficient chip for the Xbox Series X

While it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a “slim edition” of the Xbox Series X anytime soon, there are reports that Microsoft may be developing a smaller, more power-efficient chip for its ninth-generation center console.

It should be noted that Microsoft is constantly developing revisions to these components, and information on this supposed chip revision for the Series X remains scarce at this point. The source of the speculation comes from a new video from gaming journalist and insider Brad Sams, who is also vice president and general manager of Stardock Software. In the video, Sams states (after about 25 minutes) that he’s “very confident” the Series X will see a revised chip in the not-too-distant future.

Such hardware revisions are common and, in fact, normal for most consoles. A smaller, more efficient chip would reduce production costs for Microsoft, as well as help in Microsoft Cloud Gaming data centers, so it really seems a given that Microsoft would eventually make such an overhaul.

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