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Since the arrival of the first preview version, users have been asking Microsoft to make it an option to move the location of the Windows 11 taskbar to the left or right of the screen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.

As you probably know, Windows 11 taskbar is locked at the bottom center of the screen. And while you can move icons to the lower left edge like Windows 10, that’s about it. There are several valid arguments as to why your Windows taskbar should be on the left, but Microsoft doesn’t see it that way.

In a recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything), Microsoft’s Windows 11 team answered several questions about the new operating system. As expected, a question about the location of the taskbar quickly arose. If you were hoping for good news, sorry to have burst your bubble. We didn’t have any.

When asked about the possibility of changing the location of the Windows 11 taskbar, Tali Roth, Windows Core Experience Manager at Microsoft, gave us a short answer that Windows fans won’t like.

“When we built Windows 11, we rebuilt the taskbar from the ground up. That meant we had to choose what we were going to put first and what features we were going to include. As Roth explains the process, she confirms that the team is basically working on pain points and tweaks to help a larger group of users.

“The goal was to be really data-driven about what to include, what to postpone or what not to include.”

It seems that being able to move the taskbar isn’t a huge request or hasn’t gotten enough attention to warrant a change. Instead, Roth is quickly pivoting to some of the recent tweaks the team has made, like the minimized and expanded taskbar for small touchscreen devices or tablets.

As the conversation continues, Tali Roth then explains that “When it comes to being able to move the taskbar to different places on the screen, that poses a number of challenges. When you think of having the taskbar on the right or on the left, all of a sudden, the reflow and work that all apps have to do to have a wonderful experience is just tremendous.

Then, going back to his earlier point about making “data-driven decisions,” the subset of users who want to move the taskbar is small compared to other people asking for different features. That said, it looks like moving the taskbar is one of the things that Microsoft will continue to look into and listen to feedback on, but right now they don’t have a plan to create the side taskbar.

Although Microsoft isn’t planning on making this an option anytime soon, there is a registry hack that lets you move the Windows 11 taskbar to the left, right, or even the top of the screen, but it’s somehow broken, so don’t do it. expect a perfect experience.

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