Microsoft Edge rewards Christmas buyers with new features

With the Christmas shopping season approaching and shoppers looking for the best deals on the web, Microsoft offers ways to help. The company has announced some new ways the Edge browser can help you get your Christmas shopping done.

The main new feature is built into Microsoft Edge and appears as you browse online product listings. The browser will soon be able to help you monitor products you’ve recently viewed and notify you of price changes. This combines with existing features such as price comparison, price history and auto-complete coupons to ensure that you not only save money, but also time checking store listings.

The price history feature in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is aware that people may not always browse for offers on the desktop. More people are using mobile phones for shopping, which is why Microsoft Edge’s built-in price comparison and price history tools are now coming to Android.

“Now you can rest assured that you’re getting the best price for that one gift your child simply must have, and you can also plan your future purchases with price history, all from your Android smartphone,” said Liat Ben-Zur, corporate vice president of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has also detailed some Edge features focused on performance and password protection, which can be important while shopping for the holiday season. Easy Update is a new feature being tested on the password settings page in Edge, making it easier to update your passwords if they get compromised.

Then there’s the new efficiency mode in Microsoft Edge. In this mode, Edge can reduce CPU and RAM usage when your laptop’s battery is low. This can extend battery life and help you get more done while on the road and when unplugged. Efficiency Mode started rolling out in Edge version 95 in October.

Many people may also use Microsoft Bing for shopping, so Microsoft has partnered with Good on You, a platform that rates fashion brands based on their performance in terms of a variety of sustainability and social responsibility metrics. In the UK, scores are displayed on entries in Microsoft Bing to help align with your values.

Microsoft is also collaborating with the Eden Reforestation Project. For every 10 purchases made in Microsoft Edge from eligible retailers, the company will make a donation to the Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees.

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