Microsoft Announces Future Office 365 Cloud Government Secret

Microsoft has worked with the US government to provide Secret and Top Secret Azure clouds for use by the Department of Defense and other critical government agencies, and today it is announcing that it will soon provide an Office 365 Government cloud Secret, which is currently pending review. , and should be available later this year.

Microsoft has developed both Azure and Office 365 to meet a full range of government needs for secure cloud environments, serving everything from state and local governments to federal government partners who need to meet compliance restrictions in matters of security, up to the Ministry of Defence. . Microsoft works closely with the government to provide secure infrastructure:

This new environment will run the latest enterprise-grade Office 365 Government productivity, security, compliance, and collaboration apps. We have a comprehensive approach to building, testing, integrating and auditing our products to comply with government regulations, which will help ensure safe and compliant environments. We are working to increase efficiency internally and with government regulators to help improve the speed to market of products.

Microsoft has been embroiled in a tussle with Amazon over a winner for the entire JEDI contract with the Department of Defense as the DoD eventually backed down and rethought its cloud strategies after awarding the contract to the company for Amazon loudly complains about irregularities. Still, the company continues to expand its government and defense offerings as it competes directly with Amazon.

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