Microsoft 365 gets a price cut due to ‘changing market conditions’

Just about anyone and everyone has seen or used Microsoft Word before, along with its sister tools such as Excel, PowerPoint and more. Unfortunately, unless your laptop came with it, or maybe your school or employer provided you with it, Microsoft 365 isn’t actually free, and requires a subscription fee to use. However, it seems as though a number of users are reportedly getting told by Microsoft that their subscription is about to get cheaper than before.

It’s strange enough to hear that a company is actually lowering their subscription fee, but it’s apparently true. SoyaCincau’s own co-founder Amin received an email from Microsoft, stating that his Microsoft 365 Personal subscription was about to get cheaper. Instead of having to pay the regular RM27 per month fee, starting from the 1st of September, it will be lowered to RM22 due to ‘changing market conditions’. It also says that you’ll be charged this new fee unless you choose to cancel your subscription before the next scheduled payment on 1st September.

We weren’t the only ones to spot this either, as Amanz reported seeing an email notifying a Microsoft 365 Family user that their monthly fee was dropping from RM36 per month to RM29 too.

That being said, this new promotion doesn’t appear to be available on the Microsoft Malaysia website at time of writing. Instead, it still shows the old fees of RM36/month for Microsoft 365 Family and RM27/month for Microsoft 365 Personal. You could also get the yearly options which are much cheaper at RM359/year for Microsoft 365 Family and RM269/year for Microsoft 365 Personal.

In fact, when we got in touch with Microsoft Malaysia to confirm the existence of the price reduction, they seemed to be unaware of it too. The only conclusion we can draw from this is that the new subscription fees appear to only be given out to current subscribers, and is at least not available to new users for now.

If you’re keen on getting a Microsoft 365 plan anyway regardless of the price, you should know though that you can get a free month of Microsoft 365 Family before committing to its subscription fees. However, you will need to provide your card details, and once the one month free trial is up you will be charged its yearly fee of RM359. You can find out more about that here.


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