MetagamZ will activate $METAG Staking the second week of April with APY up to 20%



MetagamZ will activate $METAG Staking the second week of April with APY up to 20%

London, UK, April 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MetagamZ, ‘The Gaming Metaverse’, is an immersive virtual world that is set to release its $METAG staking with up to 20% APY. Native token holders could earn passive income on their token holdings and benefit even more from the GameFi ecosystem.

MetagamZ game developers can build and launch games with a variety of value-added DeFi features that increase the value of the community by making it more decentralized, transparent, and user-centric. Gamers, on the other hand, can earn rewards and assets (NFTs) by playing their favorite games in the metaverse, while investors/token holders generate revenue through virtual land ownership, rentals, and advertising. . Metagamz also unveiled the new and innovative NFT Marketplace with the upcoming virtual land sale.

Users and players can earn MetagamZ NFTs by purchasing items that have already been minted and listed on the MetagamZ Market. Players can purchase NFTs from the MetagamZ metaverse in exchange for land, ad space, buildings, and other items, as well as trade NFTs from games in the metaverse. MetagamZ NFT also allows virtual reality (VR) developers and gamers to create and trade their own unique digital assets (collections and products). MetagamZ fields and advertising screens, for example. MetagamZ tries to promote NFT development and commerce as a basic component of the P2E economy, because small game producers and gamers are in a much better financial situation with P2E games.

Over the next few years, the gaming industry is expected to grow at such a rapid rate that it will approach 3 billion users worldwide. It also predicts an 8% increase in market revenue each decade, rising to $200 billion by 2023 if current trends continue. Gambling is a large and rapidly growing industry without geographical or international borders. The top 100 publicly traded companies generated more than $166 billion in revenue in 2020, accounting for nearly 94% of total revenue (with advertising accounting for a significant portion of the rest). Tencent earned almost all of that money last year, with an astonishing 34% increase over 2019 stats combined; around 10 billion more than Sony, the world’s second largest game publisher.

MetagamZ aims to become the essential GameFi ecosystem of Web3.0

GameFi and P2E will be at the forefront of the gaming industry in the not too distant future, and virtual reality will add a more immersive and engaging element to the experience. The Gaming Metaverse, or MetagamZ, is an immersive virtual world where game creators can create and launch games with a range of value-added DeFi features that increase the value of the community by making it more decentralized, transparent and community-driven. ‘user. Investors and token holders benefit from virtual land ownership, rental, and advertising, while players can earn NFTs and rewards by playing their favorite games in the metaverse.

MetagamZ aspires to create a Virtual GameFi ecosystem that connects the entire crypto gaming industry, including game creators, publishers, players and brands, in a comprehensive, immersive, effective and efficient way. Developers and gamers can launch decentralized games within the ecosystem, and gamers can play games and earn revenue and assets (NFT), with brands having the opportunity to market and gain exposure for their products and services by creating their own VR experiences and games packaged in the form of game districts, buildings and zones.

Crypto aficionados are no longer the only ones using NFTs, blockchain games and crypto payments. They are all now available as part of a burgeoning metaverse. Major IT companies are looking to chart the course of the future. The decentralized nature of the blockchain industry, on the other hand, allows smaller companies like MetagamZ to participate in the development of the metaverse. The MetagamZ Launchpad and Incubator Program is a blockchain-focused gaming support program. It provides game developers and publishers with access to financial, community and development resources (especially small and medium-sized businesses). MetagamZ has established a robust incubation and acceleration framework to help blockchain gaming grow and gain momentum. Additionally, MetagamZ’s Launchpad and Incubator will emphasize compliance, with a comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) solution and single sign-on (SSO) profile allowing players to access all games on the metaverse.

MetagamZ participants do not need the permission or cooperation of anyone in the existing ecosystem, and they are not financially limited when playing or starting to play. Some games are free, allowing gamers around the world to participate in the ecosystem without paying anything. Users only need to link their Avalanche compatible wallets before starting the game and enjoy the MetagamZ experience, which is the most important component. The majority of games on MetagamZ will be Play-To-Earn, whether generated internally or by other game producers.

In addition to games and social media, the metaverse will incorporate economies, digital identities, and other uses. Valuable goods and user-created currencies continue to help create a unified metaverse today. All of these qualities suggest that blockchain has the potential to drive technology. Due to their focus on 3D virtual reality, video games today offer the closest metaverse experience. It’s not just because they’re three-dimensional. Video games offer more and more services and features that go beyond the realm of gaming. Roblox is also used to host virtual events such as concerts and meetups. Players no longer just play the game; they use it in “cyberspace” for various purposes and in various aspects of their lives.

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