Met Office CEO awarded BCS Society Medal for outstanding contribution to green technology

The medal recognizes Professor Endersby’s outstanding contribution to making digital technology good for society and the environment.

The BCS Award panel noted her exceptional commitment to enriching weather forecasting and climate change predictive analysis by leading unprecedented investments in the Met Office’s IT systems.

Investing in supercomputers to understand climate change

The introduction of the new multimillion-pound supercomputing capability, overseen by Prof. Endersby, will take forecasting and climate projections to the next level when they become operational later this year.

The precision and accuracy of its climate change modeling will help inform public policy as part of the UK’s fight against climate change and its efforts to reach net zero by 2050.

The Met Office is also committed to becoming a net zero greenhouse gas emitter by 2030. Significant steps are already being taken to reduce emissions and move to 100% renewable electricity at all key operational locations of the organization.

A visiting professor of electronics and computer science at the University of Southampton, Prof. Endersby has also demonstrated a long-standing commitment to computer education and the development of world-class data scientists.

Advancing the role of data science and IT professionals in meeting COP26 challenges

Kathy Farndon, Chair of the Society Board of BCS, said: “The criteria for the Society Medal were driven by the need to focus on the role of technology in addressing climate change and net-zero challenges as outlined at COP26.

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