Maxis launches high speed Internet prepaid plan

Maxis is offering its customers high speed Internet prepaid plans, which prevents wasted quota thanks to an extended validity period.

The Hotlink Prepaid Fast package comes at five price points: 1GB at RM2, 2GB at RM4, 5GB at RM10, 8GB at RM15 and 20GB at RM30.

In a press release, the telco says the package offers uncapped high-speed Internet for all apps, while any quota bought has a validity of one year.

Though the package sells only data, users can still make calls or send SMS – at 15 sen per 30-seconds or 15 sen per SMS to all local networks – which will be deducted from their prepaid account credit.

To note, there is a catch with the quota validity: users will not be able to access their balance quota if the prepaid account becomes inactive.

According to the Hotlink FAQ, each top up above RM10 will keep the account active for 30 days, from the date of top up.

Alternatively, users can buy an add-on called a SIM active period pass for RM30, which keeps the account active for 365 days, without depending on top ups.

The new package marks a shift from Hotlink’s previous Prepaid Unlimited plan, where users get unlimited Internet quota but have to pay more for higher speeds.

The ranges offered are RM35 a month for 3Mbps, RM45 for 6Mbps, RM60 for 18Mbps and RM85 for 18Mbps plus access to additional streaming services.

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