Maxis discontinues Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365, no more 60-day active days with RM5 top-up

If you’re on Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365, it looks like you’ll be switched to a new plan by the end of this week. Maxis has pushed out an SMS informing affected Hotlink users that they will soon be migrated to a new Hotlink Pantas plan that will be revealed on the 27th of January 2022.

To recap, the Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 was introduced in July 2021 and it allows you to purchase data quota with 1-year validity. To keep the line active, you will only need to top up a minimum of RM5 for a 60-day active period. This is great for casual users that need a prepaid line that can last a long time without needing to top up monthly.

The Hotlink SMS reads as follows:

Effective 27 Jan 2022, your Hotlink plan will be known as Hotlink Pantas! You will enjoy high speed internet with no wastage with 365 days validity on all internet passes. Every top up RM10 and above will give you 30 active days. To check out the all-new Internet passes on the Hotlink app or dial *100# from 27 Jan.

At the time of writing, Maxis has not revealed any details of the new Hotlink Pantas plan on their website and the Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 page is still up. According to the message, the new Pantas prepaid plan will still offer data with 365-day validity but you are now required to top up a minimum of RM10 for 30 active days. That’s double the previous minimum amount and you’ll have to reload monthly to keep the line active. From the looks of it, there’s no option for you to stay on your current Internet 365 plan and Maxis will force all users to migrate to Hotlink Pantas.

At the moment, the Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 plan still has the option to enjoy 365 active days by purchasing a RM30 add-on but it isn’t clear if this add-on will be available on the new Hotlink Pantas plan. In terms of data pricing, the current Internet 365 offers 2GB for RM6, 4GB for RM10, and 10GB for RM20. Hopefully, Maxis will offer more affordable data options to make up for the increased minimum commitment to stay active.

Thanks to Kent Lim for giving us a heads up on our RKMD Facebook group.

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