‘MaskerAid’ lets you hide faces or enhance images with emoji on iPhone

Independent developer Casey Liss is out with his newest app for iOS today, focused on letting you quickly and easily add emoji to images. Dubbed “MaserAid,” this app helps you protect your privacy when you post images online — or just add a bit of a fun to an image.

Casey announced the new app in a blog post today and detailed the inspiration and development process in this week’s episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast. In the blog post, Casey outlined multiple reasons why you may want to hide a face in an image:

  • The face of a child who is too young to consent to their image being shared
  • The faces of the children in your classroom, or your own classmates, who really don’t need to be in your images
  • The faces of protestors who are standing up against a grotesque war
  • The other faces in a particularly great shot of you, but was taken as part of a group

One of the cool things about MaskerAid is that it uses machine learning to automatically place emoji over any faces that it detects in your image. You can also, of course, manually add and remove emoji and place them where you want. “MaskerAid is designed to be a very particular kind of app: do one thing, do it well, and do it quickly,” Casey explained in his blog post.

You might also just want to add an emoji to spice it up or make a joke. MaserAid works for that use case, as well.

MaskerAid is excellent for adding an emoji anywhereto any picture. Even images without faces can often find themselves in need of an emoji; perhaps for fun, perhaps to hide something that isn’t a face.

MaskerAid is available on the App Store as a free download. The free version of the app limits you to just adding the standard smiley face emoji, while a one-time $3 in-app purchase unlocks the full array of emoji. As Casey says, MaskerAid serves a clear purpose and it does that very well. It’s well worth a download.

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