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Some people think marketing is something that gets done To people. Hustle and bustle, hype, attention theft.

We need a name for it, but I don’t think it’s marketing.

On the other hand, calling dinner “cold dead fish on rice”, while correct, doesn’t really help people enjoy their sushi.

Human beings are not information processing machines. We are not hyper-rational or predictable. Instead, we find joy and possibility in the stories, in the connection and yes, in the roles of tension and status as well.

When you care enough about viewing your audience with empathy, you’ll find that they aren’t happier if you just recite a list of facts. Almost everything we engage with is a placebo on some level, and bringing a human story to the interaction is a way of serving people.

We must not only have the ability to imagine what others see, we must also have the courage to go where they are and speak with them on their terms.

This means that we are prepared to make mistakes in our way of being of service. We have to make affirmations and show ourselves consistently, make promises and keep them. Promises not only on the atomic weight of nitrogen, but on experiences and expectations that are sometimes difficult to define.

Don’t do something you would buy.

Do something they would buy.

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