Man allegedly stalks woman, secretly installing GPS device on her car

OGDEN, Utah — A man is in custody after allegedly stalking a woman he’d previously had a relationship with and installing a GPS device on her car to track her movements.

The man was identified as Craig Bartschi.

Court documents state, “A cell phone was later found by the victim inside a plastic bag and secured to the rear suspension area of her vehicle which is registered to her only.” The phone was found to be connected to Bartschi’s google account and had “GPS tracking applications running on the phone.”

The victim told police she had seen Bartschi watching her as she ate at a restaurant in another city which, “made her sick.”

Police contacted Bartschi, who admitted he had secured a cell phone to the back part of the victim’s car and had been tracking her.

Bartschi will likely face charges of stalking and unlawful installation of a device.


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