‘Love the confidence’: Child’s hilarious bike parking video wins over the internet

A video of a young boy of about five to six years of age confidently parking his bicycle at a car parking spot has gone viral.

What is interesting is that one can see a car waiting to arrive at the spot but the little child claims the place and puts his bike.

Netizens seem to love the swagger with which the child walks off. “I love how he gleefully walks off with arms swinging,” a Twitter user commented. Another person echoed similar feelings, “It is the way he walked away that is hilarious.”

The undated video has been seen over two lakh times on Twitter.

Getting a good parking space is no easy feat and once people find the spot they never let it go. In the video, it seems like the boy has absorbed this street smart rule at a young age.

Parking a vehicle, which is seen as an uneventful activity, can sometimes result in unexpected viral videos and photos. last year, a video of a man in New York safely pulling away from a car that was parked bumper-to-bumper at an extremely tight space went viral.

Another video in which a driver smashed not one but three luxury cars in an attempt to exit the parking lot irked many people online. Before that, a clip showing a man reversing his car into a lifting jack installed outside his house before pushing it underneath the staircase impressed many netizens, including Anand Mahindra who also shared the video.


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