Lone Echo 2 postponed until later this year

Lonely Echo IIReady at Dawn, the long-awaited sequel to the Oculus PC-exclusive sci-fi adventure, was slated to make its debut this month, but now it looks like we’ll be waiting (again).

The studio posted a message Thursday stating that Lonely Echo II is delayed from its August 24 launch date to “later this year.” Here’s the full message from Ready at Dawn below:

To our Lone Echo community,

It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of love and excitement last month when we announced the launch date for Lone Echo II. Like many game studios over the past two years, our team faced new obstacles in development and had to show inventiveness and ingenuity to achieve them. We have worked hard to provide the best possible experience and look forward to seeing you join Liv and Jack on their adventures once again. However, as we approached launch day, it became clear that we needed a bit more time to fine tune and achieve the desired level of quality. As such, the launch date for Lone Echo II will be moved later this year.
The decision to delay a game is always a tough one, but we believe you all deserve to experience the best we can offer.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.
Be careful, and see you soon around the rings of Saturn …

-The Ready At Dawn Team

Lonely Echo II has been delayed several times since its originally announced arrival in 2019. Like the first in the series, the space adventure is expected to be a graphically intense game targeting Oculus PC headsets (Oculus Rift and Quest via Link or Air Link). It is also set to be the last PC-only title funded by Facebook, both through direct funding and now the owner of the studio that produces it.

Since we’ll be waiting for another release date to materialize, the original Lonely Echo (2017) is currently on sale for $ 10. It was Road to RVs Rift Game of the Year 2017, and remains a leading PC VR game in terms of finish and immersion

Now two years old, Ready at Dawn’s 15 minute game video Still gives us the best insight into a new mystery and some puzzling challenges you’ll face on your storytelling jaunt through space as Jack, human captain Liv’s android companion.

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