Logan Paul calls out Andrew Tate, internet reacts to potential bout

In a recent vlog, Mike Majlak had a conversation with Logan Paul on whether he would be interested in a fight with Andrew Tate. The “Problem Child” revealed that he is up for a match with Tate, who continues to trend on social media for his views and often controversial takes on the world.

Paul sounded interested as he asked:

“Does that fight sell? Me versus Andrew Tate?”


(Clip begins at 5:22)

Logan Paul confirms that he would have a match with Andrew Tate

When quizzed about whether he would be interested in boxing Tate, the older Paul brother had a very succinct answer:


Mike Majlak also asked Logan Paul whether he was confident in his skills to beat Andrew Tate in a boxing match. This caused the former Disney actor to make sarcastic comments at Mike. Paul took a dig at the vlogger’s alleged “crush” on Tate, and said he even looks like Tate currently.

He retorted:

“If I say yes, would you be offended? You’re an Andrew fanboy!”

Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate 👀

Though Paul approached the conversation in a mocking manner, he eventually settled down to serious business. When he asked the people on his private jet if the fight would sell, everyone agreed.

Later in the video, the conversation about Andrew vs. Logan came up again. Mike was once again pestered for bringing up the fact that Tate followed him on social media. Then, Logan Paul got serious as he affirmed:

“Hey Mikey, let me tell you somethin’ bro. It’s true, right now, he could be the most popular person on the planet. Key words: right now. This is a marathon, brother, not a sprint.”

ANDREW TATE VS LOGAN PAULLogan sent an indirect message to Andrew Tatein this video ⬇ https://t.co/nQag5pnTQK

The YouTuber made it clear that he does not think Tate will have any relevancy going forward unless he agrees to a boxing match.

“And if you think Andrew Tate will have an ounce of relevancy in 2023, you are sadly mistaken, brother. Unless, he fights someone who, like, I dunno, the guy who made Floyd Mayweather look average?”

Will it happen though? Only time will tell, but as of now, the response on who will come out on top is mixed.

Social media is undecided on who would win this potential match-up

Social media has certainly been chatting about this potential boxing match and who would win it. For some, it depends on what kind of match it will be. One Twitter user suggested that if it is a boxing match, Tate would lose, but in MMA, he would take the victory.

@LoganPaul will beat andrew tate in a boxing fight, andrew tate will beat logan paul in mma/all-in/kickboxing fight, and sadly @mikemajlak will not be supporting logan this time

Another Twitter user is of the opinion that this fight will divide the fanbase, because those people that watched Logan Paul as children are likely to watch Andrew Tate now.

I actually wanna see Logan Paul fight Andrew Tate

@KEEMSTAR I’m fully convinced that people who watched Logan Paul as a kid watch Andrew Tate now. So this fight is really going to divide the fanbase

To everyone’s surprise, Ethan Klein also weighed in on the matter. When asked if Paul knocking Tate would make Klein more friendly towards the YouTuber, Ethan Klein responded in the affirmative, seemingly interested in the potential bout.

Some Twitter users were already betting on Top G, thinking Tate would smash through Paul if the kickboxer were to take things seriously.

@OwINight_ @fightlounge_ If Tate stops smoking, drinking and actually trains for the fight seriously he wins EASILY, Logan will struggle versus an opponent who is bigger than him not to mention the experience difference. This isnt a Twoodly or Askren situation Kickboxing is different then mma

While nothing has been confirmed one way or another, it is clear that if the fight happens, it will undoubtedly draw both money and viewers.


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