Liverpool to launch new and improved Trent Alexander-Arnold this season

As the 2021/22 Premier League season quickly approaches, Liverpool fans can expect to see a new and improved Trent Alexander-Arnold in the Reds squad this campaign.

Alexandre-Arnold, who recently signed a new four-year contract at Anfield which engages him with the club until 2025, is already considered one of the best full-backs in world football. But, he worked with world-renowned ophthalmologist Dr Daniel Laby to try and improve his game even further ahead of the new Premier League season.

The 22-year-old has worked with groundbreaking tech and VR platforms, including the HTC Vive Pro Eye, on a cutting edge project to improve its vision.

The six-week bespoke training program designed by Dr. Laby which included VR-assisted AVTS vision testing and multiple object tracking and visual concentration testing was documented in a feature film titled “Trent’s Vision” which can now be watched on RedBullTV.

The full-back used the HTC Vive Pro Eye to help select strategic passes in a simulated gaming setting, to help assess areas such as depth perception, basic visual function, hand-eye coordination , reaction time and target tracking.

And the results are scary, especially for the rest of the Premier League.

According to HTC, the results of Alexander-Arnold’s training are profound. Improvements in his eyesight mean he now has sharper vision (up 44%), has increased visual focus and ability to track multiple objects (up 241%), and has a faster reaction time and faster processing (36% increase).

It was also found that as a direct result of the training, Alexander-Arnold’s vision is now as good as humanly possible – 20:10 vision.

The England International has no illusions that this team has improved their game ahead of the new season.

“I’ve been practicing things like multiple target tracking, syncing, multitasking, and contrast sensitivity (also),” said Alexander-Arnold, courtesy of Red Bull and HTC.

“I’m sure everything has had a positive impact on my game, but the most important thing I would say is tracking multiple targets.

“It makes the most sense, to focus on one point and be able to see the things going on around you and spot the red dots, which will be my teammates on the pitch.

“The marginal gains are huge in all sports, especially football.

“In such a tight and fiercely contested field with amazing athletes and brains, it’s important to find the little ‘one percent’ that the others don’t, and I think we’ve definitely found one here.

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“In football it is so important to be two steps ahead and I think the sports vision training that I have taken has really helped me to value that even more.

“The experience made me realize that your eyes can be trained and improved as much as any other aspect of the body. I think working with Red Bull on this sports vision project really made me realize just how much vision is important in the world of sports, especially football. “

“I was really interested when I started talking about the project at Red Bull because my vision is not an aspect that I have worked on before. I think no one in football has it fully, so it is ‘was an opportunity that I couldn’t’ pass up on. ‘

Liverpool may be set to release a new and improved Trent Alexander-Arnold in the upcoming 2021/22, a chilling thought for opposition defenses.

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