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Do you have kids that love to read or be read to? Amazon is bringing the a feature that will let kids co-create characters and visual stories on their Echo smart speakers. 

Yay! New cute Echo Dot Kids designs to go along with the existing Tiger and Panda styles. Amazon is also bringing more features to the “Hey, Disney” that rolled out last year. 

Amazon Echo Dot Kids

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Now for Echo Dot and Dot with Clock. Amazon has improved the speakers in both models and the display on the Dot with Clock is getting new features. It is more refined and will show more information like song title or weather icons. Both speakers are getting a feature where you can tap on the top to pause music, stop a timer, and more.

New Echo Dots and exisiting Echo speakers are becoming eero mesh router extenders to give even better internet coverage.

Yes! New Echo Studio coming in Glacier White and improved sound with Sony 360 Audio.

Halo Rise is a new sleep tracking lamp, clock, and smart sensor that will be able to give you insights into your sleep patterns. Being able to give advice on ways to improve your sleep by monitoring temperature, humidity in and more in your room. It can even mimic the sunrise for a natural way to wake up.

Amazon Halo Rise

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Ambient Intelligence is getting its own section now. This could really be interesting to see how Amazon Alexa and the rest of the AI evolves in how it can become something that fades into the background. The idea that we don’t have to be so involved with every little bit of our smart home is exciting.

Amazon ambient computing

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Amazon states that they are ahead of schedule in becoming more carbon-neutral. With packages using more paper and recycled materials. This is a great thing the hear about such a large company trying to improve its energy footprint.

Kindle Scribe is not coming cheap, starting with pre-orders today for $339

The new Kindle Scribe is going to let users keep note, annotate books, and more using some preset templates that will sync to your account. 

Amazon Kindle Scribe

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Up first is the Kindle with the Kindle Scribe as the first e-reader from Amazon that you can write on.

OK, here. We. Go. Don’t forget to stay here, as we will keep you in the loop with everything Amazon rolls out!

Amazon Echo Studio sitting on table next to plant

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Even though Amazon has done a pretty good job keeping most of its Echo smart speakers and smart displays updated each year, higher-end options like the Echo Sub and Echo Studio haven’t seen a refresh in quite some time. While the Echo Sub is more of an add-on to the other smart speakers, it wouldn’t hurt to update it or add something like a mini-sub to the lineup. The Echo Studio is supposed to be the premium option, but it’s been years since it’s gotten any love from Amazon. Maybe we could get a nice soundbar to go with the Fire TVs and Sub?

Amazon Fire HD 10 2021 leaning on plant outside

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You know what else Amazon is great at — tablets and e-readers. The Amazon Fire Tablets are some of the few great Android tablets that can be picked up without breaking the bank. The Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids tablets were refreshed earlier this year, and the Fire 10 was last year and Fire 8 in 2020, but perhaps an Ultra-like device would be worth it. Something more on the high-end, maybe. It could also be a good time for a new wave of Kindles to spice up the e-reader line too.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

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Ring is getting to the point where it han extensiveoad catalog of products, but some areas could use filling out — specifically a smart lock. Ring has some truly great video doorbells, and adding a lock to the mix to further secure your front door makes sense. Sure, some really fantastic smart locks are Ring-compatible, but getting an official device would likely offer a more complete experience. 

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series - 65-inch

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Something else we might get is some updated Fire TV devices or software. Amazon has some of the best streaming devices on the market and seems to be regularly updating them. But one device that hasn’t gotten any signification update is the Fire TV Cube. This product was an Alexa speaker on top of being the most powerful streamer Amazon offered, but it seems to have been forgotten. This could be due to Amazon releasing its own brand of smart TVs, one which I reviewed called the Fire TV Omni and was quite impressed with. So, hopefully, we can get some updates on the entertainment side of things.

PETERBOROUGH, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 15: A close-up of a packaged Amazon Prime item in the Amazon Fulfilment centre on November 15, 2017 in Peterborough, England. A report in the US has suggested that o

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While this event will likely cover mostly updates to existing products and services and some new devices, with another Amazon Prime Day event coming in just a few weeks, we could get more details on this. Since this is the first time Amazon has done two shopping events in one year, and the second is close to Black Friday, I could see them talking it up, and today would be a prime time to do so. Get it, Prime?

Matter logo

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Could Amazon drop the curtain on its plans for Matter and when those updates could roll out to its compatible device? This would be great to hear some updates on the long-awaited smart home device protocol. With Amazon being such a significant player in the development of Matter, along with Google and other brands, an update would be nice. This event could also make for a good launch for the platform. We’ll have to see!

Something else I look forward to at Amazon’s device events is new Day-1 devices. Day-1 products are generally pretty wild in concept, but that is what makes them so cool. This may seem counterintuitive because of what I said before about the Astro bot and Ring drone cam, but I’m only disappointed that we don’t have those devices yet. Day-1 items are fun, and I like seeing them nonetheless. 

Sorry, everyone, I forgot to mention that this is Chris Wedel keeping you updated on our hopes for the event and what actually gets announced.

I wonder if we’ll be able to get any updates on the Astro bot or Ring Always Home Cam. Since being announced at previous events, very little has been said about these devices since then, and they are still unavailable for typical purchase methods. These impressive products are still stuck in Amazon’s invite program and are quite expensive. So, getting some more information on what is going on with these things and when they might become more accessible.

Personally, I’m really excited to see what new smart home devices come from Amazon. For years the company has been cranking out some pretty impressive devices and offering potentially the most complete profile of smart home products in the entire sector. I’m hoping for an evolved version of the Alexa platform that offers better customization of the display on smaller screens, much like what’s available on the larger smart displays like the Echo Show 15 and Show 10.

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