Literature in the ‘post-digital age’ discussed at Shoolini lit fest: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Solan, April 9

A discussion on “Literature in the Post-Digital Age” took place at the Shoolini Literature Festival on the second day of the festival. Panelists Kunal Nandwani, Arjun Gupta and Anjana Menon discussed the potential of full digitization.

Anjana Menon gave a brief overview of the evolution of digital media and how internet tools have made writing simple and easy for everyone. According to Arjun Gupta, anyone can write using data analysis and search engine optimization.

Kunal Nandwani discussed virtual reality using Metaverse as an example. He explained the advantages and disadvantages of the digital world as well as the threat it poses.

Mukul Deva discussed the fundamentals of suspense fiction. “There is a creative writer in all of us,” said Professor Manju Jaidka, during a “Thrillers, killers and gumshoes” session. She talked about her books and how she went from academic writing to writing crime thrillers. —


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