LG sends you voices from above with its new soundbar

LG has announced a new 9.1.5-channel Dolby Atmos and DTS: X soundbar with a new up-triggering center speaker that bounces dialogue off the ceiling and onto your ears so you can hear clearly. While boost drivers play an important role in how soundbars produce surround sound in general – this is one of five here – LG says the boost center is a world first. . The soundbar also includes a pair of wireless rear speakers which can now send additional audio to the side walls of the room, which could increase audio immersion as well.

Importantly, the new up-triggered center speaker is still the same channel as the regular center, but adds to the clarity of the dialogue. The same goes for the two additional side-triggered drivers of the rear speaker pair; this is the same channel as the side sound bar speakers. LG claims that its AI Room Calibration can automatically set up the schedules for each speaker and keep everything in sync.

This new LG soundbar (model S95QR), its rear speakers and the included wireless subwoofer collectively have an output power of 810 W. With both Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, the LG S95QR is positioned as a premium sound bar and a successor to the LG SP11RA 7.1.4 channel sound bar.

Unfortunately, the new soundbar, like its predecessor, still does not support passthrough for 4K 120Hz with HDR. If you have a newer 4K HDR TV and an X or PS5 series, you might not want to plug your game console directly into the bar. However, you should still get Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support.

A visual representation of LG’s 7.1.4 channel soundbar setup. To get to 9.1.5, imagine a third wave coming out of the soundbar (center) and two waves coming out of the rear speakers towards the left / right walls.
Image: LG

The soundbar also supports Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and can be controlled using smart devices with Google Assistant, Alexa, and “other AI assistants”. The older LG SP11RA soundbar supported AirPlay 2 and could be controlled using Siri, but LG’s press release isn’t clear if the new soundbar has it as well (hopefully). .

LG is also saying that its Wowcast Wi-Fi audio dongle is supported, which was originally released last fall and is available on LG’s UK page. The Wowcast is a device that makes the soundbar wireless, for situations where it would be difficult to run a cable between the TV and the soundbar. It mounts behind your TV and can stream an HDMI eARC connection between it and the soundbar. LG says the Wowcast will be sold separately, so we expect a US release alongside the new soundbar.

LG hasn’t released a price or release date for the new LG S95QR, however. The soundbar will be among the company’s first products to be announced and displayed at its CES 2022 virtual booth.

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